Typical Scandinavian - inspired by the north!

Typical Scandinavian is inspired by the north. It all started with a passion for graphic design, and a hand drawn ‘moose’ called God elg in Norwegian.

At Typical Scandinavian you can buy fine art prints, tote bags, and other interior accessories.

Nicola is originally from Liverpool (hence the Liverpool design posters), England and has worked with graphic design, UX and digital marketing in Norway for many years. Nicola now lives in Narvik (above the Arctic Circle) in northern Norway where God Elg & Typical Scandinavian were both created.

Nicola works fulltime as a digital information consultant for Narvik kommune (council) and in her sparetime runs typicalscandinavian.com at Etsy.

“Being creative is a very important part of my life, after a long and hectic day at work I use my creative talents to switch off and de-stress. After nearly 27 years using Adobe programs I can be as creative as I want and produce great design work. Many designs now hang or are used around the world.”

Contact Typical Scandinavian

Telehone: +47 975 34 386

E-Mail: nicola@jmdigitaldesign.com

Northern Norway

Designs by Nicola Mulryan all copyrights belong to Typical Scandinavian, Nicola Mulryan. The name Typical Scandinavian is also a registered trademark here in Norway.